Things to include in the health and hygiene routine of babies and toddlers during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven us that there is nothing worth more than a healthy body.

In occasions of social distancing and confinement towards the house, follow these health insurance and hygiene routines to maintain your baby or toddler healthy and safe.


Breastfeeding is the superpower in this pandemic. Prioritize breastfeeding over other things in your health if you’re breastfeeding. Start breastfeeding inside an hour of birth and go on for as lengthy as you possibly can. Feed when needed permanently mental and physical health.

2. Immunize

Do not let your anxiety about COVID-19 to prevent you from protecting your child using their company deadly illnesses. Give all vaccines based on schedule. For those who have missed vaccines due to the lockdown – talk to your physician and perform a get caught up.

3. Follow respiratory system, hands and surface hygiene protocols

Because the pandemic rages on and days become several weeks – don’t give up hygiene protocols..

Wash both hands completely with water and soap for 25 seconds as frequently as you possibly can. Make use of a soap that lathers well.

Feel, as this the face together with your hands. Rather than touch your child with filthy hands.

Clean all surfaces completely with water and soap. Clean delicate surfaces that can’t be washed by having an alcohol based cleaner.

Launder clothes and bedclothes frequently using warm water if at all possible.

Put on a mask whenever possible outdoors the home and inside.

4. Take proper care of teeth

As new teeth come in your baby’s mouth – brush the brand new teeth two times each day having a grain grain sized smear of tooth paste. Dental professional visits should be prevented throughout the pandemic – however, you can video talk to your dental professional regarding your baby’s teeth.

5. Wean with super foods

Weaning is the golden chance introducing eating healthily habits for your child and be sure existence lengthy good strength and health. Don’t miss it. Take the time to make the most of this chance. Serve super foods cooked in your own home. Which means serve fresh, natural, unprocessed, whole in your area grown and periodic food. Wean having a rainbow to make sure that your child will get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in sufficient amounts. Eating such as this right from the start will build immunity.

6. Exercise in outdoors

Take the time to have a short walk every single day together with your baby. Whenever you come out, make certain you’ve your masks on. Have a alcohol based sanitizer along with you and clean hands frequently. Try to make sure that your child doesn’t touch surfaces like door knobs or staircase railings. Maintain social distancing. And wash your and baby’s hands with water and soap once you get home.

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