The daily meal plan for pregnant moms

“One of the most basic things that you need to concentrate on when you’re pregnant is the diet”

This is exactly what I tell expecting moms who talk to me.

Your food intake determines

Your bloodstream composition – which determines which of the baby’s genes get expressed.

Your gut atmosphere – which determines your metabolic process and ensures both yours as well as your baby’s health.

The important thing items to bear in mind to guarantee the above are –

Avoid toxins – Eat freshly prepared food cooked in your own home. Avoid packaged and processed food.

Make sure that each meal has unrefined complex carbohydrates, top quality proteins, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, and water.

Consume a good balance of prebiotics and probiotics.

Consume food that’s in your area available, fresh and simple to digest.

Prepare with spices which help in digestion. Avoid spices that irritate the gut.

Prepare in nut and seed oils or ghee.

Avoid restrictive diets that advertise to help keep you thin.

Avoid eating double of the items you normally eat.

Eat small frequent meals. Eat every 2 hrs.

Eat salty, sweet, sour and bitter tastes compared to make sure that your child doesn’t be a picky eater.

The daily diet plan for women that are pregnant

On getting out of bed each morning

Drenched almonds and raisins

Drenched dates and walnuts

Grain Bhakri



Roasted Chiwda

Millet crackers


Ragi dosa


Bajra koozh


Stuffed paratha with curd

Paneer sandwich

Foxtail millet upma

Mid-morning snack

Ragi blueberry pancake


Trail mix using jowar flakes


Paratha with murabba

Nimbu pani

Nariyal pani


Moong dal Drumstick curry Grain/roti Curd

Kabuli Chana Pumpkin curry Grain/roti Cucumber raita

Rajma Cauliflower curry Grain/roti Curd

Chawli dal Beetroot stir fry Grain/roti Boondi raita

Kadhi Baigan bharta Grain/roti

Matki dal Bhindi curry Grain/roti Curd

Urad Dal Broccoli stir fry Grain/roti Lassi

Mid-mid-day snack


Roasted Chana

Guava chaat

Jamun Parfait

Pickled Jackfruit

Seethaphal milk shake

Blueberry smoothie

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