The Clayton Sisterhood Project: The Liberty In Sprouting From Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

Our Black feminine ancestors’ recollections can be found in each and every type of nature. That’s something professional photographer Laila Annmarie Stevens, aunt of 5 youthful Black women and youngest of 5 Black women from Queens, New You are able to, wishes to capture within this intimate raw photo series documenting the generations of Black women in her own family. Laced through the series are sounds of Steven’s family gatherings- sounds of pleasure, happiness and freedom.

Watching my siblings become moms and nieces become women only has advised me from the tender care essential to enlighten the female divine. Together we are manufactured from the hopes for our elders and sprout in the branches of the wildest imaginations.

In the tender chronilogical age of 4, my arms were engrossed in lace mitts draping over my legs, propped for any camera. On my small grandmother Lillie’s white-colored wooden bench, I sitting alongside my siblings, our smiles as wide like a lavender field. It had been my grandmother’s method of documenting the household she’s produced. We’d still take portraits on a single bench for many years as tradition, much like waiting two days for that disposable film to return in the local pharmacy-full of anticipation. Prints stuffing the corners in our family albums, I wasn’t aware it was the start of my passion for analog photography, print, and also the historic need for archiving.

When confronted with each lady within this series, you’ll notice a peek at our collective future-the way forward for our Black communities. One best informed by our past. Black ladies have been in the backbone in our radical revolutions, permitting us to constitute our very own meaning of freedom.

Freedom is heard within our instruments, paintbrushes, laughter, shouts, stomps, poems, photos. Within our education system, we are really not trained enough about our creative foremothers for example bell hooks, Ntozake Shange, Alice Master, and much more.

We have sprouted in the seeds our grandmothers and ancestors have built, branching strong and. Though through my two sisters’ lead of purchasing a house to boost their own families together on Southern land, it’s apparent this ideal is not lost.

I really hope presenting these legacies inspires my nieces, because it has when my grandmother did exactly the same after i was becoming an adult. Black women, Black motherhood, and Black ancestry would be the superbly indestructible roots to who we’re within our Black communities today.

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