From Cheerleading to Broadcast Journalism: Paula Faris’ Inspiring Story!

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you break through the glass ceiling of your career? Look no further than Paula Faris, a former ABC News anchor who has risen to become a top media personality and amassed an impressive $4 million net worth. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Paula’s determination, hard work, and willingness to take risks have led her to success in both her personal and professional life. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible rise of Paula Faris!

Paula Faris Net Worth

Paula Faris’ Early Life

Paula Faris was born on October 6, 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an American journalist and television personality. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Faris began her career as a news anchor at ABC affiliate WLVI-TV in Boston.

In 1997, Faris made the switch to cable news network CNN, where she served as co-host of the show “American Morning.” In 2000, she became a correspondent for ABC News and remained with the network until 2007. During her time at ABC News, Faris covered several high-profile stories including the attacks of September 11th, the war in Afghanistan and Hurricane Katrina.

In 2007, Faris created and hosted the show “The Paula Show” for Bravo TV. The show followed her everyday life as a working mother of two young children. The series was cancelled after one season.

Faris has since starred in several films including “Bride Wars” (2009), “The House Bunny” (2008), “Knocked Up” (2007) and “Friends With Kids” (2011). Her most recent film release is “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” (2013).

Faris has also made several appearances on television shows such as “30 Rock”, “Mike & Molly”, “Two And A Half Men”, and “The Office”. She currently stars as Lisa Kudrow’s sister on the comedy series “Web Therapy”.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Name: Paula Faris
Salary: $1 Million
Date of Birth: October 26, 1975
Gender: Female
Age: 47 Yrs
Weight: 162 lbs
Profession: American journalist
Nationality: American

Career at ABC News

ABC News is one of the most well-known news organizations in the world and has been in business since 1949. Paula Faris started her career as a reporter at ABC News and worked her way up the ladder, eventually becoming a correspondent for the network. In 2007, Faris was named co-anchor of Good Morning America and became one of the most popular journalists on television. Forbes magazine estimated Faris’ net worth at $10 million in 2016. Her success as a journalist has led to other opportunities, such as hosting her own talk show, which aired on ABC from 2013 to 2015.

Leaving ABC News

A few years ago, ABC News anchor Paula Faris was making $55,000 a year. Today, she’s worth an estimated $10 million thanks to her impressive career in news media. Here’s how Faris’ rise to success happened:

After working at local news stations in Texas and Florida, Faris landed her first big assignment at ABC News in 1997. She quickly became one of the network’s most popular anchors and was rewarded with a promotion to national correspondent in 2003. In 2006, she made the switch to primetime news channel 20/20 and has since become one of its most popular personalities.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Faris has built a successful career in news media that has led to a net worth of $10 million. Her success is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication – two qualities that any businessperson can learn from. If you’re looking to build your own successful career in business, keep these lessons in mind!

Paula Faris’ Current Career

Paula Faris is a well-known journalist who has been working in the media industry for over two decades. After starting her career at ABC News, she has since gone on to have a successful career as a television personality and author. Her work has won her numerous awards, including two Emmy Awards. In addition to her journalistic achievements, Faris also has a net worth of $ million.

Faris’ long career in journalism started when she was an undergraduate student at Brown University. She worked as a newsreader for WGBH-TV in Boston before joining ABC News in 1995. During her time at ABC News, she covered several major events, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Iraq War.

After leaving ABC News in 2006, Faris began hosting the talk show “The Paula Show” on MTV2. The show lasted for three seasons before being cancelled in 2009. Following the cancellation of “The Paula Show”, Faris co-authored the book “What Would You Do?” with comedian Chelsea Handler. The book was released in 2010 and became a New York Times best seller.

In 2013, Faris joined the cast of CBS’s sitcom “Mom”. The show ran for six seasons before concluding in May 2018. In addition to her work on “Mom”, Faris has also appeared on various other television shows, including “30 Rock”, “The Middle” and “Two And A Half Men”.

Paula Faris’ Personal Life

Paula Faris, a 34-year-old ABC News reporter, has an estimated net worth of $ million. The rise of Paula Faris’ net worth can be attributed to her successful career in the journalism industry. After working as an intern for ABC News in 2002, Faris was promoted to a reporter in 2006. She has since worked as a correspondent for “World News Tonight” and “Nightline.” In addition to her journalistic work, Faris has also starred in several television series, including “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Black Mirror.” Her most recent project is the Netflix comedy series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.”


Paula Faris has been a household name for over two decades now and it is no surprise that she has accrued a fortune along the way. Starting out as an ABC News correspondent, Paula quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the network’s most popular journalists. In 2004, her own talk show, The Paula Show, debuted to critical acclaim and helped make Paula one of the most successful TV personalities in America. Today, Paula continues to work as a journalist and host while also investing her time in philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Her net worth is estimated at $4 million!

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