Park what you are doing Smart Mums! I’m here to entertain you!

Hello there, #SmartMums! It’s me with my baby musings again. Which time, I’m coming live and kicking right out the park!

Walk-a-by Baby close to the treetops! Yup, that’s on my small playlist nowadays. Coz each night mother takes me for any walk (really I’m within the pram, so it’s a lot more like a trip) to Joggers Park. And That I like it. Though I must state that it’s more Hoggers Park than Joggers Park. I am talking about, I see a lot of people located on the benches and eating snacks. Keep in mind, people, do cleanup once you are done. I know like they’ve baby wipes, they’ve adult wipes too! But let’s return to my evening walk. Without a doubt concerning the a few things i really expect to in the park.


It’s an entire different feeling meeting track of buddies how old irrrve become. My mother can’t understand us however the moment our prams come across each other starting evaluating notes.

What time have you awaken your mother yesterday?

Why don’t papas realize that we babies hate beards?

That do you like more: Nani or Dadi?

PS. My buddies and that i also have a lot of fun.

Nanis, nanas, dadas, dadis, uncles, aunties!

Talking about nanis and dadis, every old person around the block really wants to makeover and have fun with me. I love it the very first couple of occasions however it will obtain a tad annoying. In the end whenever your pram is really as comfy as mine, you shouldn’t let it rest that frequently.

I’m a flower child!

Whenever Maali Uncle sees me, he comes and puts a flower within my pram. On at times it’s a rose, on other days it’s a fairly pink petunia. The best may be the sunflower. It’s vibrant and golden and try to appears to become smiling at me!

Tree’s company!

My mom’s favourite place to fit the pram is within big old tree where I can tell the slides and swings. Personally i think so safe underneath the shade from the tree. She drops leaves on me which make me giggle and gurgle. And That I love watching the swings. Backwards and forwards they’re going, greater and greater, the kids are flying. I understand I’m not enough to sit down in it, at this time. But produce a couple of years. Apna time aayega!

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