Nurture with the power of Nature

We know merely a mother knows what’s perfect for her baby. That is why our recently launched Baby Care range is infused with 100 % natural ingredients which are as pure as the love. Produced using the goodness of Almonds, Neem, Sesame, Coconut oil, Shea butter along with other such time-tested ingredients, our Baby Care Range is really advantageous for the baby.

Dried-out skin isn’t in!

Who doesn’t love an infant’s skin? Soft, supple and also the perfect antidote for any rough day, the design of your baby’s cheekbones your own self is an enjoyment no parent tires of. Here’s the best way to keep the baby’s skin forever soft. Make use of a good baby lotion/moisturizer which will lock out of all moisture of your skin and stop it from drying. Like our recently launched Baby Lotion. Enriched using the goodness of Almond, Neem and Coconut oils, it’s paraben, sulphate and natural and chemical free.

Get the baby squeaky clean!

Create a clean break from soaps which use parabens, sulphates along with other chemicals. Change to our Baby Soap. Created using 100 % natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Glycerin having a balanced pH, our Baby Soap keeps your child moisturised a lot longer that is a boon since babies have a tendency to lose moisture far quicker than adults.

The caress of nature!

Time for you to Rub-A-Dub-Dub some Mother Nature’s love to your baby. From strengthening parents-child bond to building muscles and enhancing their sleep quality, a light yet deep massage has numerous benefits. Our Baby Massage Oil using its 100 % natural ingredients like Almond, Neem, Coconut and Sesame oils, easy absorption formula and mild scent is the perfect ally for that perfect baby massage.

Powder Puff Women (And Boys!)

Annoying diaper rashes is a factor of history once you begin applying our Baby Powder. Pat some powder in your little cherub to allow 100 % natural ingredients like Natural Aloe-vera and Almond Oil work their magic! This really is destined to become staple in each and every baby’s baby bag.

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