My post lockdown bucket list!

It’s finally, finally, finally happening. They’re backing lower around the lockdown and situations are heading normal again. I must say though the lockdown is a thought. My hubby has learnt how you can prepare his chapatis look round now, nothing like the map of Australia. He’s washed mountain tops of vessels without complaining. And that he is satisfied to alter nappies, feed baby (with my breast pump) and do numerous other baby responsibilities. So as i shouldn’t change a factor relating to this ‘lockdown’ avatar of my hubby, there are several other activities I certainly want to change…

I would like some offline family time

Birthday and Anniversary wishes via video are wonderful however they just can’t beat a hot hug. After we are formally permitted to do this, I wish to take my baby to satisfy her nana, nani and dada, dadi again. Inside a room, not via Zoom.

I wish to meet, as with really meet, my paediatrician

Our local paediatrician’s visit continues to be lengthy past due because of the lockdown. The reassurance her healing touch provides is much better compared to online consultations we’ve been taking. Don’t all of us agree with that #smartmums?

I would like to take a lengthy, lengthy, lengthy drive

Watching the sun’s rays set, feeling the breeze rustling through our hair, seeing baby jumping with pleasure, don’t all of us miss individuals endless road journeys? After we obtain the proceed, I’m certainly taking a car trip with my loved ones. A visit with no cops stopping us every a few minutes and asking countless questions regarding why I’ve left the security of my house.

I wish to open my gates for a lot of play dates

I miss time when my baby’s face accustomed to illuminate on seeing her buddies. All individuals gurgling, babbling, bubbling babies who understood each other perfectly well. I expect towards the to begin many playdates, publish lockdown.

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