More Baby milestones are coming, crawling, walking and running your way

Hey Smart Mums thanks for visiting the 2nd a part of our baby milestone blog ideas concentrate on the next 5 several weeks of the little one’s growth journey: from age 7 several weeks to 12 several weeks. Your tot is nearly prepared to trot now. It is now time when you will notice your child achieve some major milestones like eating food, crawling, and developing communication skills. Continue reading to learn more.

7 to 12 several weeks: Go Forward for Growth!

Allow the games begin!

Mirror mirror on your wall who’s probably the most playful of all of them? At 7 several weeks you may expect your child to react upon seeing his reflection within the mirror. His eyes will amaze you because they rapidly stick to the trajectory of quick moving objects. Playtimes involving look-a-boo is going to be blindly admired.

Stranger danger is real!

After 6 several weeks, your small tot will begin to develop stranger anxiety. He’ll not need to satisfy everyone any longer. The view of a brand new face could even lead him to cry. PS. Smart Mums, this really is absolutely normal. Check here to understand much more about managing stranger anxiety in infants.

Ready, get set, crawl!

At 8 several weeks your child can balance themself on his hands and knees. As well as in a month’s time you will notice him cruising doggystyle.

Eat. Play. Love

After 6 several weeks you can begin weaning your child by presenting some solid food. At 9 several weeks your child may have full-grown tastebuds. He’ll like to eat around he’ll enjoy playing. Time for you to prepare some healthy meals for the munchkin. Take a look at some recipes here. It’s easy to cover the cost of him sit alongside you and also have a family dinner.

Good listener

During these several weeks your child will grasp listening and understanding select phrases and words like – yes, no, let’s visit the park, etc. Babies have a tendency to respond well to facial expressions too. So start practicing your funny faces to obtain that chuckle out!

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