Let’s rewind- Best of 2019 blogs!

Hey Smart Mums, 2019 would be a year filled with blogs written specifically wonderful you in your mind. The blogs were compiled by our on-board experts such as the much respected Dr. Rita Shah, a Lactation Expert along with a Qualified Lamaze Consultant Dr. Debmita Dutta, MBBS, MD and the most popular name online Dr. Shreya Sharma, a Childcare Expert as well as an MD in Paediatrics in addition to our roster of in-house authors.

It’s time for you to think back at a lot of our most viewed blogs. It’s here we are at a #throwback.

Can’t wait to shed weight? Dr. Debmita Dutta helped smart mums return fit publish pregnancy, with a few really helpful advice within this blog.

Wish to travel safe during pregnancy? Get a hearty this web site for tips about travelling during pregnancy. Your blog is presented by Author Dr. Rita Shah.

Getting your child home the very first time? Dr. Debmita Dutta informs you about what you have to remember and also the safeguards you have to take here.

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential when you’re breastfeeding. Know about eating nutritious Indian meals when you are breastfeeding. Click the link to see this web site by Dr. Debmita Dutta.

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