Jamun Yoghurt Parfait Recipe

We have to make sure that our kids eat different coloured vegetables and fruit.

It is because different coloured vegetables and fruit contain different nutrients. So when they consume a combine of colors, children get all of the nutrients they require.

To allow parents to give children all of the nutrients they need – doctors frequently say – “Just consume a Rainbow”.

Do you know the colours children should consume?

Children should consume fruits and vegetables which are Purple, Indigo (fast), Eco-friendly, Yellow, Orange, Red and White-colored every single day if at all possible.

Indigo and blue

Nowhere color in fruits is a result of the existence of the phytonutrient Anthocyanin that has DNA protective effect.

To include blue for your plate I’m discussing the recipe from the dessert Jamun Yogurt Parfait.

Jamun additionally to Anthocyanin also offers Resveratrol that is a effective antioxidant that protects against organ ageing.

Listed here are the components:

Jamun fruit, pureed, ¼ cup

Thick Yogurt, 1 cup

Almonds, powdered, 1 tablespoons of

Honey, 1 teaspoon


1. Completely wash the jamun and deseed it, Grind the jamun flesh to some puree.

Mix the honey with yogurt and hang it aside.

Take a few glass jars or glasses and give a spoonful from the jamun puree, in order that it covers the whole bottom.

Give a spoonful of yogurt within the jamun puree and gently tap the glass in your hands to stay the glass.

Sprinkle the crushed almonds within the curd.

Repeat the steps 3-5 until your jar is filled.

Serve chilled or at 70 degrees.

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