I love my India! I love my India!

Hello parents of babies how old irrrve become … hmmm … I believe you need to go brew a little coffee I’ll wait. In case your li’l you have stored you as many nights as I’ve stored my folks up, I know you’ll require a cup or three.

Aha … best to see you’re again and it is even gooder (wait one minute, is the fact that a thing? Mr Trump states it’s … awesome!) to determine the coffee is a real eye-opener.

So like I had been saying, I really like my India. My Mother and Father do too. I’m their ‘Make In India’ moment. However that isn’t the only real reason behind this love. I dig India coz we actually, really understand how to party here. (A confession: I’m a party pooper. Once we are in a celebration, I poop. I suppose it’s all individuals people tickling my tummy!) Like take this month for instance. It’s been like one non-stop party.

Everything began with Ganpati Bappa Morya! They are saying tigers remember well us babies remember tigers either.

Then as individuals nine days found an finish, Navratri started. At least, my mother didn’t blame me to keep her awake during the night. It had been everything Dandiya Raas and Pandal Hopping.

Just a few days ago we’d a large pooja at chachis’s place. My cousins have there been however they didn’t have fun with me around they often do. These were too busy teaching adults steps to make their selfies look better – this application to get rid of your wrinkles, that application to get rid of 5 kilos out of your waist! Exactly what a waste!

However the silver-hairs and golden-oldies just couldn’t get an adequate amount of me. They coddled me and pampered me and tickled me pink. Plus they provided numerous of moolah. All hidden in festive envelopes in vibrant reds and vibrant oranges. Arrived at consider it’ such as the envelopes greater than the cash inside. A minimum of I’m able to have fun with them.

Ok, ok, mother, I’m sorry, I did not really imply that.

Really, I’ve got a really vibrant idea. Mother, why don’t you apply the money which i earned with all of my effort on a few of these things. Don’t smirk. I truly had to operate difficult to earn everything money. Smiling when I’d prefer to be snoozing, searching cute even if I had been feeling queasy, moving my feet in sync to Didi’s newest songs (I suppose these were Just-in) and as being a non selfish participant in countless selfies does become qualified as effort, doesn’t it?

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