How to stay safe if you are pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic (Current Recommendations)

Allow me to start by delivering a warm virtual hug and let’s abide by it track of knowing how you can stay safe through this era.

Two details about pregnancy and also the COVID-19 pandemic

This is exactly what we all know to date

Simply because you’re pregnant you aren’t more prone to get infection using the virus or suffer more. This really is wonderful news because pregnancy typically lowers immunity. However, for those who have diabetes, hypertension, lung, heart and kidney illnesses the likelihood of your getting more severe disease increase.

To date there’s no proof of infected moms creating the problem for their babies within the womb.

How to prevent obtaining the COVID-19 disease

Social Distancing –

Think that everybody is infected and avoid everybody.

Stay home.

Work at home

Conserve a distance with a minimum of one meter when getting together with family people especially individuals who go away from home.

Avoid allowing maids along with other staff people in to the house.

Remain in another room whenever possible.

If at all possible don’t share the bathroom ..

Avoid discussing fomites –

Don’t share soap tooth paste etc.

Don’t share towels, bedsheets and pillows.

Possess a separate spoon, plate and glass

Wash both hands frequently –

Don’t touch the face –

Put on a mask –

Make use of a triple layered homemade cotton mask

Don’t keep modifying the mask.

Alter the mask every 4 hrs

Wash it in water and soap and sun dry.

Don’t touch the outer top of the mask.

Wash both hands after altering.

Respiratory system hygiene –

Cough or sneeze right into a tissue and immediately discard it inside a covered bin and wash hands.

Should you can’t – perform the elbow sneeze.

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