How To Sleep On Your Stomach During Pregnancy?

Sleeping positions really are a personal preference, and we’re all habituated to resting on our stomachs. However, whenever your tummy starts growing to support your developing baby, it might not feel at ease to rest in your stomach while pregnant. You might not notice any improvement in the very first trimester or perhaps as much as 18 days, however your baby bump at later stages may turn it into a painful experience. Look at this publish to understand when you should stop resting on your tummy during pregnancy, the perfect position of sleeping, and a few helpful guidelines to help you sleep better.

Are You Able To Sleep In Your Stomach During Pregnancy?

Resting on your stomach might not be a great choice while pregnant. Because the pregnancy progresses, the uterus becomes heavier, which makes it uncomfortable that you should sleep for the reason that position.

If you’re a stomach-sleeper, you will continue to sleep so within the first trimester (1).

Throughout the second trimester, begin experiencing acid reflux, which takes place when the contents of the stomach reflux or regurgitate towards the wind pipe. Resting on the stomach might also slow lower the digestion process, maintaining your food within the stomach for a longer period, that could aggravate acid reflux and constipation (2) (3).

Throughout the third trimester, your pregnancy bump causes it to be uncomfortable to rest around the stomach (4).

When In The Event You Stop Resting On Stomach While Pregnant?

You need to stop resting on the stomach if you feel uncomfortable. You might be able to sleep before the 16th to 18th week of being pregnant. Resting on your stomach following this period becomes uncomfortable (4).

Resting on the rear can also be uncomfortable because the weight from the growing fetus presses around the inferior vena cava (the big vein that carries deoxygenated bloodstream in the lower body towards the heart). This might slow lower the return of bloodstream towards the heart and limit bloodstream flow towards the fetus (1). Sleeping lying on your back arises backaches, difficult breathing, make digestion less capable, disrupts circulation, and perhaps causes hypotension, reduce bloodstream towards the uterus giving towards the baby less nutrients and oxygen.

Pregnancy Pillow During Sleep Around The Stomach

If you’re a stomach-sleeper and like to carry on over sleeping exactly the same position within the first trimester, you might convey a pregnancy pillow (a donut-formed or wedge-formed pillow) beneath your tummy for support (4).

Disadvantages Of Resting On The Stomach

The additional weight in the center of your body could raise the pull around the spine, thus causing back discomfort. It might add extra pressure around the breasts which are usually sore and tender during this period.

Ideal Sleeping Position While Pregnant

Ideal method to sleep in your stomach while pregnant


You might sleep in your corner, preferably in your left side while pregnant. The easiest method to sleep during the night, it increases the bloodstream flow and nutrients of your stuff towards the growing fetus and doesn’t put pressure in your liver. This may also enhance the functioning from the kidney by helping eliminate waste and fluid in the the body, which reduces swelling within the ankles, ft, and hands. Putting a pillow involving the knees might make it much more comfortable that you should sleep quietly (1).

Ideas To Sleep Better While Pregnant

  • You might follow these suggestions to improve sleep.
  • Drink more water (or fluids) throughout the day, and fewer before sleep time for you to avoid frequent peeing.
  • Relaxation techniques for example yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation could relieve your stress levels and mitigate any sleep disturbances.
  • Use full-body pregnancy pillows and supportive cushions for added support. They forces you to feel at ease and improve sleep.
  • Avoid eating spicy or foods that are fried as it may result in acid reflux and disrupt your sleep.
  • To avoid nausea, you might have some snacks for example crackers or pretzels. This might also curb your night time hunger.
  • Pay attention to some relaxing and soothing music before bed time. It might de-stress you and also help sleep better.
  • Have a warm shower a couple of minutes before bed time. It calms the tensed nerves and improves sleep.
  • Ask your lover to provide you with a massage.

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