How to cope with constipation during pregnancy and after delivery

Within my prenatal and infant care classes – I’ve found that many expecting and new moms are extremely reluctant to find help for constipation. They’re embarrassed to report it also when they’re very uncomfortable correctly.

In the following paragraphs well, i am filling you in on you skill to avoid constipation and you skill to deal with it whether it happens.

What can cause constipation during pregnancy –

The hormone progesterone. It relaxes your muscle mass from the stomach and intestine to cause slow bowel movement.

What can cause constipation after delivery –

Using enema during delivery.

When the bowel is emptied using enema during delivery it might take some time for that bowel movement to normalize.

2. Handling from the bowel during caesarean section.

Once the abdomen is opened up up during caesarean section, the bowel is handled during surgery, which may cause a rest in the movement.

3. The worry of stitches opening.

How you can prevent and treat constipation –

Drink plenty of water

It is advisable to sip on lukewarm water because additionally to holding you back hydrated – it will get the bowel moving. Hydration is essential while pregnant and breastfeeding.

The bowel requires bulk to maneuver appropriately. Fruits, vegetables and eco-friendly leafy vegetables can offer this bulk since they’re wealthy in fiber. Eat high fiber food

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