How to care for your newborn during the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you’re concerned about getting your newborn in a global that is incorporated in the grip of the pandemic, enable your worry result in caution – not fear.

Newborns need parents who’re caring and courageous. So, gather together the best information along with a positive attitude.

Objectives to bear in mind

The child shouldn’t get have contracted herpes

The child shouldn’t have any other infection

The newborn’s physical, emotional and mental health shouldn’t be compromised because of social distancing practices

Do you know the challenges?

There’s not a way to understand who’s infected.

Some reassuring details

To date newborns born to COVID-19 positive moms haven’t been infected within the womb

Up to now – no traces of virus have been discovered in mother’s amniotic fluid, cord bloodstream or breast milk.

What in the event you do when your baby comes into the world?

Based on current guidelines proceed with –

Skin to skin contact


The only real precaution to become taken is the fact that – much like everybody else within the delivery room – mom should also put on a mask.

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