Gift your baby a safe and sound Diwali.

Vibrant lights, festive delicacies, extended families extending their love – buzzing around your child, all outfitted in vibrant traditional outfits – everything set to create your baby’s first Diwali an unforgettable one. But throughout festivities it’s also important to maintain your baby from harm’s way and relish the celebrations. Let us shed some light.

Remain in the sunshine as well as in sight

Diwali is the fact that season whenever your house is going to be busy with buddies and family. And the middle of attraction will probably be your baby. Everyone will be hovering over your child, pulling cheekbones, rocking the cradle and attempting to talk baby lingo. With all of these new faces your child may be ‘faced’ having a problem, getting uncomfortable or cranky. So whatsoever occasions, make sure that your baby isn’t left alone with unfamiliar faces.

Produce a baby-friendly space

With regards to decorating you house and which makes it the brightest within the neighbourhood, you depart nothing unturned. When decorating your house with flowers you should know they might trigger allergy symptoms and result in conditions like hay fever and bronchial asthma in infants. Always spray flowers with water before getting them inside. Babies love the lights and crawl towards them, so to ensure that they’re safe and from burns, you have to ensure there aren’t any lighted diyas or agarbattis inside your baby’s room.

Turn it into a calmer Diwali

Avoid noisy firecrackers, that might scare the infant. Rather, choose fuljhadis or chakris watching your baby’s face illuminate with pleasure. It is usually more suitable to look at the celebrations from the distance. Earmuffs for that baby always prove useful once the decibel levels get intolerable.

Happy baby. Happy you.

Prior to bringing the infant to benefit from the celebrations, always be sure that the baby is well given, and well rested. To help make the baby less cranky and restless, you should follow your baby’s regular routine, and never disturb it.

On the lighter note, do share your Diwali moments together with your baby and also have a safe along with a wonderful celebration.

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