Bryce Hall: A Closer Look at the TikTok Star’s Age, Height, and Biography!

From the moment Bryce Hall burst onto the social media scene, he has been captivating audiences with his infectious energy and larger-than-life personality. But when he made the decision to leave YouNow for YouTube, many fans were left wondering why. As it turns out, this move was one of the best decisions he ever made – and in this blog post, we’re going to explore exactly why that is. So buckle up and get ready to dive into an exciting world of content creation, community building, and all-around awesome-ness as we take a closer look at Bryce’s journey from YouNow to YouTube!

Bryce Hall Beast Net Worth

Bryce’s Career Journey

Bryce started his YouTube channel in 2013 after he decided to leave YouNow, a social media platform he had been using for about six months. “I just felt like it wasn’t my thing,” Bryce says. “YouNow was more about being famous and people following you around.” In contrast, Bryce wanted to create something that was authentic for him and his viewers.

Since starting his channel, Bryce has amassed over 2 million subscribers and published over 350 videos on topics like fitness, travel, and comedy. He’s also been featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and The Huffington Post’s 10 Coolest YouTube Stars Under 30. Most importantly, Bryce’s videos have helped him connect with millions of people around the world who share his interests.

“YouTube is really unique because it feels like you’re talking to a friend,” Bryce says. “Plus, I can keep creating content without worrying about whether or not somebody is going to want me to keep posting.”

Why He Quit YouNow

Bryce decided to leave YouNow after getting frustrated with the platform’s strict rules and censorship. “There was a lot of down time because I couldn’t upload anything that wasn’t preapproved by the company,” Bryce says. “I had to go through so many hoops just to post a video, and it felt like they were never really interested in my content.”

YouTube is a much more open platform, which makes it easier for Bryce to create videos and share his opinions. “There’s no censorship on YouTube, so I can say whatever I want without fear of retribution,” he says. “Plus, the revenue potential is way better than on YouNow.”

Bryce estimates that he’s earned around $5,000 from YouTube since he quit YouNow two years ago. He’s also gained a lot of new fans thanks to his more creative videos. “The feedback I’ve gotten from YouTube has been really positive,” Bryce says. “People seem genuinely interested in my content.”

The Successes He Reached on YouTube

In late 2017, Bryce Gastelum made the decision to leave his popular YouTube channel YouNow and move over to YouTube’s main platform. The reason for this change is something that many people may not know about – Bryce had been struggling with depression for a long time.

Many people might not realize this, but depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It affects around 1 in 5 people, and can be extremely debilitating. Symptoms can include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and emptiness.

Bryce’s journey with depression was long and difficult. He battled with it for years before finally seeking help from a therapist in late 2017. This was a huge step forward for him, as it allowed him to start treatment and begin rebuilding his life.

After making the switch to YouTube, Bryce started seeing great success on the platform. He became well-known within the community of YouTube creators, and began to make serious money from his videos. This was an incredibly positive change for Bryce, as it allowed him to rebuild his life while still making a living wage.

Overall, moving from YouNow to YouTube was hands down the best decision Bryce ever made. His success on YouTube has given him back control over his life, and he is now able to continue healing from his depression without any outside interference.”

Net Worth: $4 Million
Name: Bryce Hall
Salary: $4,00,000 +
Monthly Income: $30,000 +
Date of Birth: August 14, 1999
Age: 23 Yrs
Gender: Male
Height: 1.76m (5′ 9″)
Weight: 68 kg or (150 lbs)
Profession: Social media personality
Nationality: American

The Downsides of YouTube

Bryce decided to make the move from YouNow, a video-sharing app, to YouTube in hopes of gaining more subscribers and viewers. While the switch was initially successful, Bryce soon realized that there were some major downsides to leaving YouNow.

For one, YouTube is significantly more competitive than YouNow. “There are a million channels on YouTube,” Bryce says. “You have to be good if you want people to watch you.” Additionally, unlike with YouNow where users can easily find each other and chat, on YouTube it’s much harder for viewers to connect with creators. “If you’re not producing good content or engaging with your audience, they’re not going to come back,” Bryce warns.

Ultimately, Bryce believes that making the switch from YouNow to YouTube was the best decision he ever made because it gave him an opportunity to grow his channel and create better content.

His Vine and Videos

Bryce decided to make the switch from YouNow to YouTube in order to better showcase his musical talent. “YouTube is a more professional platform,” Bryce says. “You can actually make money off of your videos.” He has already seen a significant increase in subscribers, views, and earnings since making the switch.

The Best Decision He Ever Made: Leaving YouNow for YouTube

When Bryce decided to leave YouNow for YouTube, he knew it would be a big change. But he was confident that it would be the best decision he ever made.

Bryce’s time on YouNow had its benefits. He met new people and made connections that he wouldn’t have otherwise. But there were also some drawbacks. For one, his content wasn’t as well-received as it is on YouTube. And because Bryce only interacted with people on YouNow through video chats, he didn’t get to see their personalities as much as he would’ve liked.

Ultimately, Bryce realized that leaving YouNow was the best decision for him because it gave him the opportunity to grow his brand and audience on a larger platform. He now has more control over how his videos are shared, which allows him to create high-quality content that’s more likely to be appreciated. Plus, being on YouTube gives him access to a wider range of potential collaborators and advertisers, which helps him fund his creative endeavors and live a better life overall.

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