55 Significantly Particular Child Names That Begin With S

The letter S is among the commonest first initials throughout the globe. A sound that’s prevalent in lots of languages, it’s no marvel that common S names are straightforward to seek out. When the technology now having kids had been kids, probably the most used S Child Names had been of the Steven and Stephanie ilk, however these aren’t the chart toppers they as soon as had been.

And whereas some classics are by no means going out of fashion, at present’s common S names have a bit extra sheen—Sophia, Shepard—and spunk, like Scarlett and Sebastian, for a protracted record of particular S names to assist your choice course of. What’s your favourite child identify beginning with an S?

Lady Child Names That Begin With S

Sabrina: A beautiful child lady identify, it stems from Celtic mythology and is the Latin identify for the River Stern. Sabina is a much less heard various, extra broadly utilized in France.

Sakura: The Japanese phrase for cherry tree is a very stunning identify for a bit lady; it’s really extra common within the US and Europe than in its dwelling nation.

Salma: Arabic for “protected,” the well-known and nonetheless distinctive feeling identify has celeb standing due to megawatt actress Salma Hayek.

Salome: This heat Hebrew identify means “peace,” and sounds simply as calming and hopeful as its which means.

Samantha: A female tackle Samuel from the Hebrew, it means “informed by God” and has rested someplace within the prime 100 for US ladies since 1975.

Sandrine: You’ll have by no means heard this French tackle Alexandra, however its rarity is what makes it so particular. Sandy or Drina can be nickname prospects.

Sapphira: If Sapphire is just too out-there however you like a jewel-tone identify, take into account this Greek variation, which is match for a bit fashionista.

Sarah: Some of the common female S names of all time, this Hebrew child lady choice means “princess.” Its widespread nickname Sadie is a phenomenal identify in its personal proper.

Scarlet: Steadily on the rise however so particular even when it’s grow to be much less uncommon, we love this daring colour identify for child ladies.

Selah: It’s undoubtedly extra uncommon than lots of our different favourite S names for women, however this beautiful Hebrew moniker with twin meanings “reward” and “pause” is tremendous candy.

Serena: Much less heard than Sabrina, however with the same really feel, the Latin child lady identify which means “tranquil” or “serene” has potential.

Sheyenne: A spelling variation on the Native American/Sioux child lady identify Cheyenne which means “audio system of a special tongue,” the S is good right here for solidifying its softer sound (to keep away from a tough ch originally), and likewise shortens fantastically to the nickname Shy.

Sienna: An Italian place identify and likewise a deep shade of red-orange, this attractive child lady identify is one to think about. Sierra is the same alternative that would work for a boy or lady.

Simona: Girlier than slant identify Simone, the French-from-Hebrew child identify which means “hearkening” is remarkable on the charts, for an excellent uncommon choose on your daughter.

Soleil: The French child lady identify which means “solar” is a summery choose however stunning all yr ‘spherical on your little beacon of sunshine on the way in which.

Sophia: At present a chart-topper the world over, the Greek child lady identify which means “knowledge” would undoubtedly not set your little lady out in a crowd however is mushy and candy nonetheless.

Starla: A contemporary invented identify for hipster mother and father, it means “star” and would undoubtedly be a cool various to different celestial names you’ve been contemplating.

Sula: The literary identify which means “little feminine bear” got here to being in Toni Morrison’s novel by the identical identify. It’s an offshoot of Shulamit (which means “peace”) from the Outdated Testomony.

Susanna: Although Susan and Suzanne really feel a bit dated, you might get away with this extra country-sounding model in a time when Outdated Americana is trending. Susanna means “lily” in Hebrew.

Sylvie: The French model of Sylvia from the Latin, it means “from the forest” for nature vibes and a classic really feel.

Boy Child Names That Begin With S

Sabir: The identify which means “affected person” is a well-liked alternative for little boys in lots of Arabic-speaking nations and right here within the US.

Samson: A good-looking familial identify for boys— descendant of Sam—it’s a pleasant alternative in case you are honoring a Samuel and would love one thing a bit completely different.

Sandeep: It’s a standard Indian given identify translating to “gentle” or “shine.”

Sanford: A candy English identify for boys which means “sandy ford,” it has a chic high quality and is taken into account uncommon in fashionable instances.

Santiago: This unique sounding Spanish identify means “Saint James” and has been prevalent in fiction and popular culture for many years. Santi is a cute nickname, and Santo, which means simply “saint,” is one other various S identify to think about.

Savva: The Russian/Arabic identify translating to “captive” is completely valuable.

Selwyn: This distinctive identify is one he’ll must right misspellings of, nevertheless it’s value it! The English child boy identify means “manor buddy.”

Sebastian: Years in the past, it was finest identified to the overall inhabitants because the identify of Ariel the Disney mermaid’s crustacean companion, however at present this Latin/Greek identify is common across the globe. It means “somebody from Sebastia,” an historic Palestinian metropolis in present-day Turkey.

Severin: Like Steven and Evan however need one thing with a bit extra aptitude? This French identify may very well be the proper choose on your little man, translating to “stern” or “critical.”

Shepard: Broadly used within the Southern US, the occupational identify which means “sheep herder” has a refined spiritual nod and mushy, stunning sound. Additionally, “Shep” is concerning the cutest little boy nickname ever!

Silas: An English identify with Latin roots, it means “woods” or “forest” and has biblical beginnings shared with brother identify Silvanus. It gives a hipster really feel that we’re loving, and shortens sweetly to Si for a nickname.

Solomon: A heat, well-loved identify coming from the Hebrew phrase shalom, or “peace,” it’s risen and fallen many instances previously two centuries however won’t ever be too removed from favor.

Soren: Although not associated to Serena, it feels related if that’s a ladies’ identify that you simply like. The Norwegian child boy identify which means “stern” is an offshoot of Severin above.

Stefan: There are such a lot of methods to say and spell Stephen; we occur to like this model common in Jap Europe (pronounced STEFF-ahn). The identify, and all its variants, imply “crown” or “garland.”

Stellan: Your little star boy may definitely develop into this uncommon child identify with German roots that’s most generally utilized in Sweden. Whereas the precise which means is “calm,” at its coronary heart is the Italian phrase stella, or star, for a candy double connotation.

Sterling: Born with a silver spoon, or at the very least a reputation manufactured from it! This attractive child boy identify which means “of top quality” is a complicated choose.

Stockton: It’s a reputation of English and Scottish roots, referring to folks from a sure space or city, particularly a “tree-stump settlement.” It’s quirky, but when you will get previous the seemingly random which means it’s a cheerful and dignified sounding alternative. Stanton is the same English S identify to think about.

Stuart: There are spelling choices right here—Stuart and alternate Stewart are equally common. It means “steward” from Scottish and isn’t at present a much-used identify, although Stu is a fairly cute nickname.

Gender Impartial Child Names That Begin With S

Sable: The gender-neutral animal identify has a chic really feel and gives a singular nature identify on your little boy or lady.

Sacha: You won’t have guessed that this charming French S identify is definitely a diminutive of Alexander/dra, the Greek identify which means “defending males.”

Sawyer: A favourite gender-neutral identify amongst fashionable mother and father, it’s an English occupational identify which means “woodworker” (ie: noticed).

Saylor: The Medieval German surname which means “ropemaker” can be an alternate spelling for the English occupational identify Sailor; both alternative is fashionable and cute.

Scout: This gender-neutral phrase identify burst on the scene as a central character in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960 and has been a well-recognized, if not a bit overused, alternative ever since.

Seth: A bit extra of a 90s identify, it’s undoubtedly higher identified for boys however is equally cute for a woman as nicely. Seth means “place” or “appointed” with Hebrew roots.

Shannon: This gender-neutral Irish identify which means “previous and clever” was extra prevalent within the 1980’s and 90’s, however nonetheless has a candy ring to it and will at all times make a comeback.

Shelby: The stylish Sh identify with English roots is as storied and stylish because it sounds; the identify means “property on the ledge.”

Shia: A phenomenal gender-neutral identify from Hebrew, it interprets to “present from God.”

Shiloh: Oh, candy Shiloh—a gender-neutral identify from the Hebrew which means “tranquil place” or referring to a city within the Outdated Testomony. It’s a stunning alternative on your baby on the way in which.

Skyler: Although you gained’t see the old-school spelling Schuyler too usually in fashionable utilization, this enjoyable variation is true round #500 for each girls and boys. It means “scholar,” however the phrase sky in the beginning of this spelling provides celestial affect.

Sloane: It’s one of many better-known gender-neutral S names, which means “raider” with Irish origins.

Sparrow: Fowl names are a few of the finest decisions if you’d like a nature identify that works for a boy or lady. Like Robin and Wren, Sparrow feels contemporary and stylish however can be basic.

Spencer: A beautiful French identify translating to “keeper of the provisions,” (are you able to see the “dis-pencer” tie there?), it was principally used for boys historically however is now selecting up velocity as a woman identify, too.

Sullivan: The engaging Irish identify for a child boy or lady means “darkish eyes” and shortens adorably to Sully for a gender-neutral nickname.

Sutton: It’s no marvel this gender-neutral charmer is common within the American South; it means “from the southern homestead.”

Sydney: Whereas this one has been on and off the charts for many years, it doesn’t really feel dated. Sidney/Sydney is a saint identify from the French.

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