40 Significant Korean Names for Boys and Women

Korean child names supply an attractive assortment of sounds and meanings for the fashionable babe, and baby-naming in Korean tradition is filled with custom. Korean names are typically made up of three syllables, with the primary syllable representing the household title and the opposite two standing for the given title (one syllable of this given title typically is what’s known as a “generational” title and could also be shared amongst relations of the identical era, whereas the second is exclusive to that particular person). For a very long time, every syllable of a reputation had a corresponding Chinese language character which additionally gave the title its which means, however not too long ago, an increasing number of Korean households are opting to make use of a purely Korean phrase as a substitute.

At present, the highest 10 names for girls and boys in Korea every have a suffix (for boys, mostly -joon or -woo; for ladies mostly -ah or -yoon). These add which means to the primary portion of the title and emphasize them accordingly. You possibly can add these as desired to customise or improve your child’s title; the simplified variations give attention to the basis names as shared beneath.

These Korean Names for Babies work nicely in that conventional three-syllable-name context. In addition they mix superbly with names from different cultures (whether or not used as a primary or center title), for households who want to impart a child title that displays a number of backgrounds. In the event you’re contemplating a Korean child title to your bundle-to-be, check out our listing of prime Korean child names for girls and boys.

Korean Child Names for Boys

Beom-seok: Korean dad and mom like to impart robust names on their child boys, and this one which means “like a rock” is an ideal instance.

Chul: This Korean given title for boys means “agency,” and we like its resemblance to the English phrase “chill” for a good-looking and relaxed, one-syllable child title.

Doh: It’s a phrase title translating to “accomplishment” which is a superb which means to instill in your little boy’s life.

Geon: Related in sound to the title Gideon, this Korean boy’s title has three meanings: “to assemble,” “robust,” and “respect.”

Haneul: That means “heaven,” it’s a stunning Korean child boy title to think about.

Hei: This three-letter Korean child title means “knowledge.” It pairs nicely with a protracted center title, however even by itself, it speaks volumes.

Hwan: A Korean boy’s title with plenty of potential; it means “brilliant.”

Hyuk: This one will not be as widespread in Korea, however positively cute; Hyuk means “radiant.”

Ji: This can be a standard child boy title translating to “knowledge.” As a consequence of its brief size, it’s a pleasant selection within the first place for looking for a hyphenated Korean boy title. (See extra brief child names!)

Jin: A well-loved Korean title for boys which means “jewel” or “fact.”

Kija: The title of an historical historic determine (there’s some debate about his function, however in line with some, this 2nd-century chief mightily influenced Korean tradition when he got here from China), Kija additionally has Chinese language roots, making it an particularly cool selection for a kid with each Korean and Chinese language heritage.

Kwan: The title means “robust one” and for those who add a g to the tip, the very related title, Kwang, interprets to “wild.” Two cute Ok title concepts to your child boy!

Kyong: A very talked-about title for boys in Korea, it means “brightness.”

Minjun: This Korean chart-topper has been standard for years and has loads of meanings to like, together with “good-looking, sharp, fast, intelligent, and proficient.” No marvel it’s so nicely liked!

Myung: One other standard Korean title for boys, this one interprets to “clear and brilliant.”

Shin: Tremendous candy and often-used title for Korean boys, which means “perception.”

Tae: “An important particular person” is a fairly good which means to your little boy to develop into. This one is sort of standard with Korean dad and mom.

Yi: Yi-joon was the highest boy title in Korea for 2021 and reveals no indicators of slowing down; written in Chinese language characters, Yi interprets in Korean to “plum.”

Korean Child Names for Women

Aera: A good looking Korean title for ladies which means “love.”

Ari: A good looking lady’s title with multicultural enchantment, the Korean translation is “fairly, pretty, lovely.”

Bitna: It’s extra not often used however very highly effective and candy. Bitna means “shining.”

Bora: This child lady title refers to a shade of purple, making it a cute selection for those who’re in search of a female and uncommon shade title.

Dasom: One other Korean child lady title which means “love,” this one could be very fairly sounding.

Hana: Just like Hannah, the Korean model means “my favourite.” Possibly a fraught selection in case you have different youngsters who might take difficulty with the which means, however it certain is cute!

Hea: This pretty one-syllable Korean child lady title means “grace.”

Jae: Quick and candy child lady title which means “respect.”

Kyong: The daring Korean title for ladies interprets to “brightness.”

Mi Cha: We love this two-part ladies’ title which suggests “beautiful.” It could lend simply to the nickname Mimi as nicely.

Min: A basic Korean child title for ladies with the twin which means “sharp-minded” or “fast response.”

Nabi: It means “butterfly,” and this beautiful nature title can be a really cute selection for slightly lady.

Nari: A really fairly sounding Korean ladies’ title which suggests “lily flower.”

Sena: Whereas the alluring child lady title of Korean origin is ultra-rare, it presents a sound that might match proper in with fashionable picks of the current like Lena and Sienna. It means “the world’s magnificence” and is outdoors the highest 1,000 names, good for many who like uncommon child names.

Search engine marketing: A candy child lady title which means “youthful sister,” when amplified with the suffix “-ah,” it finds itself within the prime spot for Korean child lady names of 2021.

Sook: This Korean child title means “pure and pure,” and can be pretty paired with nearly every other title.

Yong: This can be a standard Korean child lady title which suggests “the perpetual and courageous one.”

Younger: Younger is a particular Korean title for ladies that interprets to “valiant.”

Gender-Impartial Korean Child Names

Balam: That means “wind,” it’s a Korean phrase that has not too long ago discovered reputation as a child title for each girls and boys.

Cho: A cute one-syllable child title given to Korean girls and boys, it means “good-looking” for a boy and “lovely” for a lady. This straightforward however stylish Korean child title would even be treasured within the center spot.

Dae: This gender impartial Korean title is usually utilized in South Korea; it means “an excellent one.”

Joon: Well-liked for Korean girls and boys, this candy title’s pronunciation might conjure up summery feels and interprets to “very proficient.” The title, belonging to Ok-Pop famous person Joon Park, is unquestionably on the rise due to its celeb standing.

Closing Ideas on Korean Child Names

Korean child names have highly effective sounds and meanings, however for those who didn’t discover the appropriate title at the moment, there’s a complete world of child title inspiration on the market!

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