40 Enchanting Indian Child Names

The distinctive sound of Enchanting Indian Child Names—delicate vowels and complementary consonants—give these lovely child title selections for littles one thing additional particular. Whether or not your youngster is of Indian descent or you might be merely paying homage to this glorious tradition, the proper Indian child title on your infant may be on our record!

Indian Boy Names

Aarush: That is such a preferred Indian boy title, that means “the primary ray of solar.”

Akarsh: The Hindu title which means “enticing” isn’t wildly fashionable but, which makes it a novel Indian title with a pleasant, optimistic that means.

Armaan: We like how this Indian child title blends simply with a wide range of center names and but stays particular. Armaan, that means “longing” or “wishing,” is of Persian origins however extensively chosen in Punjabi by Sikh and Hindu households.

Badal: It means “cloud,” for a candy nature title to impart in your child boy.

Devansh: This one has a dignified sound and the that means “a part of God;” or for the same translation, “demigod.” It’s undoubtedly a cool title selection for a bit boy.

Divit: A preferred Indian boy title which suggests “immortal.”

Emir: It has Arabic/Turkish roots and an aristocratic that means akin to “king” or “noble;” Emir is used all through India, West Africa, Afghanistan, and lots of Arab nations for a reputation with world resonance. (See more Arabic baby names!)

Farhan: The Muslim title translating as “pleased” or “homosexual” is a considerably fashionable choose world wide. It doesn’t but maintain a prime spot in India, making it a extra distinctive Indian child title.

Ishank: It is a frequent Indian child title, that means “the height of the Himalayas.” This might be a grand selection on your little man.

Kabir: The favored Indian boy title means “well-known saint” and is choosing up pace stateside, too.

Kiaan: It is a enjoyable title as a result of its sound is extra world however with this spelling, the that means is undoubtedly Indian. The title of Sanskrit and Hebrew origins that means “grace of God” is a variant title of Lord Vishnu in Hindu.

Lakshay: A really cool Indian child title for boys that means “goal;” the affiliation is somebody who seeks equity and honesty. What a stunning message to impart on Child Boy.

Miraan: The Hindu boy title that means “princely” is a reasonably cute choose for your little prince.

Nirvaan: A novel Indian boy title that means “final bliss.”

Rohan: In Sanskrit, this Indian child title means “ascending.” Rohan lends to cute nicknames Ro or Roey, and has a contemporary really feel regardless of being an historic title.

Sadhil: One of the crucial fashionable Indian boy names, it means “excellent.”

Vihan: One other fashionable Indian boy title, Vihan means “daybreak” or “morning,” for a hopeful title that’s stuffed with renewal and promise.

Indian Lady Names

Aahna: We love the similarity to Western title Anna; the sanskrit title that means “to exist” makes this a phenomenal selection for a child woman.

Adhira: One of the crucial fashionable Indian woman names, Adhira has a glowing high quality with pure roots and it means “moon” or “lightening.”

Anushka: Additionally a prime title for Indian ladies, this beautiful choose means “grace.”

Bhavani: An offshoot of the Hindu goddess Pavarti, Bhavani is a lifesource title brimming with inventive vitality, that interprets actually to “giver of life.”

Daksha: The Hindu title that means “wonderful” is a very particular choose on your child woman.

Deepa: This a reasonably fashionable Indian child title for women that means “lamp” or “gentle.”

Gauri: It’s a glowing Indian woman title that interprets to “shining, sensible”—making it a stunning  selection on your little princess.

Hiya: A brief, cute Indian woman title that means “shyness.”

Izna: We love this Indian child title for women which interprets to “gentle.”

Jiya: A reasonably and fashionable Indian woman title that sounds very very like the Italian title Gia; Jiya is extensively utilized in each India and Nepal and means “dwelling” in sanskrit.

Juhi: The Indian phrase for the jasmine flower makes a stunning nature name on your child woman.

Kaveri: It’s one other Indian nature title for women, borrowed from the river that flows all through the nation.

Lakshmi: A nod to Padma, or simply as a result of it’s fairly! This fortunate Indian woman title that means “signal of prosperity” units her up for a charmed life.

Milana: The attractive sanskrit title with a multipart that means that revolves across the thought of connection, its literal translation is “becoming a member of” or “encounter.” Additionally, the lovable nickname choices with this one abound: Millie, Mila, Lana, Lala… dad and mom can actually get inventive!

Nira: A Hindu title with a candy sound and a number of meanings together with “consisting of water, ploughed discipline, of the loom,” and “a part of God.” Choose your favourite to attribute it to if that is your selection for Child Lady.

Pari: A really candy Indian woman title that means “fairy,” for a whimsical option to impart in your bundle of pleasure.

Zahira: The oft-used Muslim child woman title means “shining” or “luminous.”

Gender-Impartial Indian Child Names

Chandan: Historically given to boys, the title of Hindu/sanskrit origins that means “moon or gentle” is now extensively used for women, too.

Hansa: It means “swan,” for a sublime gender-neutral Indian title to adore.

Jiva: An brisk Indian child title for boys or ladies, translating to “alive, wholesome, dwelling.”

Kajal: The Hindi title instantly translating to “eyeliner” or “kohl” has a extra gender-neutral “confidence” vibe that makes it usable for boys in addition to ladies.

Pavi: An historic Sanskrit title that means “thunderbolt, fireplace, lightening” is the proper Indian child title for a bit boy or woman.

Shakti: One of many extra fashionable Indian child names, it means “means, energy” and is historically given to ladies, however recently it’s been used extra freely…opening up gender-neutral potentialities for contemporary dad and mom.

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