30 Distinctive Child Names That Begin With U

U names for infants are unbelievably distinctive, with the letter U being one of many least used first initials on the market. You’re accustomed to Ursula and Ulysses, however have you ever ventured additional into the world of cute U child names? From all all over the world, and a few with a number of cultures hooked up, listed below are our favourite U names for girls and boys…

Lady Child Names That Begin With U

Udelia: A contender for those who like vintage-sounding names like Cordelia and Adelaide, this gorgeous choose means “track” of Greek origins.

Uma: As in Thurman, the easy but distinctive child woman identify has roots in each Hebrew (“the nation”) and Sanskrit (“gentle, peace”).

Umeko: Japanese baby girl names are inclined to focus round a couple of tight consonant sounds and sometimes finish with “ko;” this historically constructed but not often heard identify of that ilk means “little one of the plum blossoms” and likewise “affected person.”

Ulla: It’s obtained the pep and attraction of Allura and Talia, however a really particular sound and really simple spelling for a stunner of a reputation meaning “will” or “willpower” in Scandinavian.

Uliana: An extended take for those who like Ulla however need extra fanfare, this Iliana-adjacent child woman identify from the Russian means “youthful.”

Umina: Ethereal and gentle, it’s a U identify with two cultural identities—Japanese and Quechua (native highlanders within the area spanning Ecuador to Bolivia)—and the distinct meanings “sea” and “emerald” respectively.

Una: The Latin child woman identify that means “one” (and likewise “lamb”) is a candy alternative for a primary little one or first daughter, and likewise for a “one and finished” child. Disney extremists will observe it’s additionally obtained princess energy, belonging to a royal mermaid buddy of the title character on the sequence Sofia the First.

Undine: Just like the recognized Nadine and the uncommon Almondine, this beautiful Latin child woman identify has a French feeling and easy end. Undine interprets to “little wave.”

Unica: A Spanish baby girl name that means “the one one” or “considered one of,” it’s barely higher recognized than Una and shares the identical “oneness” vibe we love.

Ursula: Funnily, it’s in all probability one of many best-known U names for ladies, not for its reputation per se, however as a result of it belongs to the ocean witch in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The identify means “little feminine bear” with Latin roots, for not one however two robust references for those who like a fearless child woman identify.

Urvi: The Sanskrit identify that means “huge” could be very unparalleled if you’re searching for an actual stand-out child identify.

Uta: Completely plucked for a princess, this bougie German girls’ name means “prosperity” or “riches.”

Boy Child Names That Begin With U

Ugo: It simply sounds so good-looking; barely off from the acquainted Hugo however with a shared that means—“mind”—the Italian model of Hugh is a particular contender.

Ugenio: The Spanish/Italian tackle Eugene is one other a type of U names that feels acquainted due to its similarity to extra standard names, however nonetheless has a rareness and edge. The identify means “well-born” or “noble.”

Umar: Extra affluent choices for our U child identify listing! This Arabic name interprets to “flourishing” or “thriving” and is a pleasant various to the extra widespread Omar.

Ulick: A treasured Irish baby boy name that means “little William,” you won’t have heard of it earlier than however we wager it’ll stick in your thoughts now that you’ve!

Ulrich: Higher recognized than Ulick, it means “wealthy, highly effective” and has the added translation, “wolf energy,” of German origin.

Ulton: Like Elton, however with a twist of a primary preliminary, Ulton derives from the Irish province of Ulster and simply sounds dignified and fancy.

Ulysses: One of many extra standard child boy names on our U listing, it’s truly the Latin model of the identify of the Greek god Odysseus (King of Ithaca and hero of Homer’s The Odyssey).

Umberto: Just like the English identify Humbert (“famend warrior”) with extra aptitude, this Italian identify is recognizable however not overused.

Upton: In the event you favor noble names for child boys, this may very well be the one! With an “uptown” really feel and the literal English that means “higher city,” it’s a cultured child boy identify to contemplate.

Uriah: Had your eye on Zachariah or related however need to go a bit additional “on the market?” We’re loving this not often heard Hebrew child boy identify which interprets to “God is my gentle.”

Usher: It’s exhausting to separate it from the R&B celebrity namesake, however the English/French child boy identify that means “doorkeeper” is lovable in its personal proper.

Uziel: Followers of Ezekiel and related old school boys’ names would possibly favor this U identify from the Hebrew translating to “Jehovah is my energy.”

Gender-Impartial Child Names That Begin With U

Uaine: Pronounced oo-IN-ya, this beautiful Gaelic child identify referring to a brilliant, vivid shade of inexperienced is a cheerful gender-neutral possibility to contemplate.

Umber: On the coattails of standard picks Amber and Ember, could we propose this heat and shining U identify with fall-to-winter nature vibes on your little boy or woman?

Ultimo/a: The ultimate letter correlates to Child’s intercourse, however we simply needed to embody this U identify that means “the final” in Italian and Spanish, on your “caboose” child on our gender-neutral listing.

Unity: A phrase identify for “oneness” and even “togetherness,” it’s a good looking idea to impart along with your little one’s identify.

City: The cool-kid identify with avenue savviness and a way of journey, we like it for a bit woman or boy.

Utah: Place names are sometimes gender-neutral, and this US state is not any exception; anybody who’s from, or who has visited, this awe-inspiring place ought to put Utah on their brief listing of gender-neutral U names.

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